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"In law enforcement public service is about public trust."

Adan Mendoza, Candidate, Santa Fe County Sheriff

Our campaign is about connecting with people and communities at the grassroots level to find ways to continue to enhance public safety for all in Santa Fe County.  Safeguarding our communities and the residents of our county is at the core of what we do in law enforcement and is what my campaign is about.

PHOTO: Adan, pictured above, salutes fellow Sheriff's Deputies upon retirement from the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office. 


Property and violent crimes, substance abuse and mental health issues afflict many communities in Santa Fe County.  Every community ultimately calls for the assistance of law enforcement at some point.  A sheriff's deputy may be dispatched for a routine welfare check or for a more serious, life-threatning situation.  These issues are all linked and greatly contribute to the proliferation of crime.

To be more effective dealing with these issues from a public safety standpoint we need to begin working more closely with other law enforcement agencies, the District Attorney's Office, mental health providers and the state's Children Youth and Families Division (CYFD) because we can't try to arrest our way out of these types of social problems. 


A primary goal of my administration will be to continue increasing the number of deputies at the sheriff's office.  With more deputies patrolling our streets and neighborhoods we can improve incident response times to more isolated areas of the county, better protect deputies lives and increase our efforts to take drunk drivers off our roads and highways.

I will work diligently to retain our current workforce of deputies, which is an important public safety asset and human resource investment we make with your tax dollars.  Creating long-term, employee tenure is important for the agency and for public safety.


The Sheriff's Office is the first response and line of prosecution in the judicial system when an arrest is made.  Our job doesn't stop with an arrest. 

In order to facilitate more timely prosecution of cases being forwarded to the DA by the Sheriff's Office, we'll need to work more closely with the DA and other law enforcement agencies.

Improving collaboration and advancing technology-sharing across agencies is critical to ensuring that we take dangerous offenders off our streets.  

As Santa Fe County Sheriff I will work to bring various agencies together to create a digital information sharing system between the District Attorney, Adult Probation Office, Juvenile Probation Office and the courts, which would greatly benefit public safety in Santa Fe County and help streamline law enforcement agencies crime fighting efforts.


From the technology that deputies use to the management of records used for court cases and criminal cases, we continue to see an exponential increase in public records that must be administered and preserved.

As Santa Fe County Sheriff I will continue efforts that will provide the sheriff's office the ability to maintain the necessary data storage to preserve these vital public records that help convict criminals and protect public interest. 

Committee to Elect Adan Mendoza
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