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Welcome to our website.  Learn more about my candidacy for Santa Fe County Sheriff and the public safety issues important to residents of Santa Fe County.

As your Sheriff I will work to prevent crime, not just respond to crime.

We need to take dangerous criminals like violent, repeat offenders, drunk drivers and high level drug dealers off our streets.  I also recognize that we cannot just arrest our way out of the many drug problems that fuel criminal activity in our communities.

Being tough on crime also means that we need to work to develop solutions that will help people recover from diseases like addiction and mental health challenges, which will help reduce crime.

We must be empathetic and innovative about how we work to develop law enforcement solutions that will help those who suffer from addiction and mental health issues.  Many times individuals who suffer from these problems can become or continue to be productive law abiding citizens.  Those incarcerated in the penal system must be reintegrated into our communities with the necessary support systems.

Join our grassroots campaign and work with Santa Fe County residents to elect Adan the next Santa Fe County Sheriff.

Use our website to volunteer, stay connected and get information about our grassroots campaign.

Join Team Mendoza!  Volunteer, donate and request a yard sign.

Your support and vote is greatly appreciated.

Committee to Elect Adan Mendoza
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